Backup and Recovery

In internet bad thing happen anytime. This is why backup and recovery is so important for wordpress. We will show you step by step guide on how to restore WordPress from backup.

Restoring your websites is an important part of managing your websites, and it’s very easy to do with ManageWP.

With backup you’re protected against hackers, malware, host outages, and even your own mistakes. WP backs up every setting, post, comment, revision, plugin, theme, media file and upload with just a single click.
Technical Help

Restoring WordPress from BackupBuddy Backup File


If you are using BackupBuddy to backup your website then login to your WordPress website and go to Backup Buddy. Download a copy of importbuddy.php. You will be asked to provide a password. This password will be used when you restore your website.  If you have a complete backup of your website, then delete all files and folders from your server.

Upload your BackupBuddy backup and importbuddy.php files. Once both files are uploaded to the server, visit importbuddy.php in your web browser. Now you can backup your files.

Restoring WordPress Database from Backup using phpMyAdmin

When restoring a manually created backup, you may come across two possible choices. You can either create a new database and import your backup into it, or you can empty your existing database and import backup.

Now if you were creating a new database, then simply log in to your cPanel account. Scroll down to the databases section and then click on MySQL databases.

To empty your existing database, log in to your cPanel account, scroll down to databases section and then click on phpMyAdmin. Click on your database, and select all tables. From the drop down to your right, click drop selected tables.

Restoring WordPress Database Backup using cPanel

You can also restore that database using cPanel. Log into your cPanel account and scroll down to files section and click on Backups.

On the backups page scroll down to Restore a MySQL database backup. Click on choose file and select the backup file from your hard disk. Once done, click on the upload button.

Manually Restoring WordPress Files using FTP

It would work best if you delete everything on your website first. Delete all WordPress core files and directories.

To delete files using FTP, simply connect to your website using an FTP client such as FileZilla. Select all files in your WordPress root directory and delete them.

Now before you start uploading files from your backup, make sure that the back up you have is clean. Download a fresh copy of WordPress from and extract it to your hard disk. Open the local directory in FTP, select all files, and upload them to your website.

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