Custom Coding

There are many times that you want to add a code snippet, or change some styling for your WordPress site, that’s not viable for the long-term. These changes shouldn’t be put into your parent WordPress theme, as they’ll be overridden when you update your theme.

Instead of making these changes in a way that doesn’t stand the test of time and limits what you can do with your site.

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Add Custom Code to WordPress Sites

Lets see how to add code to wordpress sites

Use the Code Snippets Plugin

The Code Snippets plugin is a best way to add custom code to WordPress sites, and is easier than creating your own plugin. A new “Snippets” menu is added to your site, which lets you name and add new snippets.

You can then enable and disable your code snippets just like plugins, as well as export them into PHP files.

 Use a Custom Plugin

Its also a good way to add code snippets. f you feel comfortable adding your own plugin, I prefer this route to the Code Snippets plugin, but it’s a bit more difficult to do.

First, you’ll need to create a folder and name it – this will be your plugin name.

Next, you’ll need a main file for your plugin. This will include the title of the plugin, a description, and some basic information.

Create this file using a text editor, such as NotePad, NotePad ++, Text Wrangler, or TextEdit. Do not use something like Microsoft Word, which adds formatting data to text.

You’ll then add your custom code below this – you don’t need to add any closing PHP tags to the end of this document. The plugin name, URI, description, and author are all displayed in the “Plugins” list in your WordPress admin.

Once you’ve added all custom code to your shiny new plugin file, you can put it in your plugin folder and compress this into a .zip file. It’s ready to be uploaded to your website!

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