Multi Language Website

WordPress by default is not Multilanguage, that’s a big problem for communication. If you want to translate your website into multi language, then you need to attach multilingual through a plugin. You will be able to easily translate your WordPress posts, pages, tags, categories, and themes into as many languages as you like.
There are two common approaches adopted by WordPress multilingual site owners.

  1. It allows you to manually translate all the content into languages of your choice.
  2. It does not actually create a multilingual site, but instead it adds machine translations of your existing content by using the Google Translate service.

The first method is much better than second because it allow you to maintain quality. You can translate the content yourself.

Creating a Multilingual WordPress Site

Firstly you need to install and activate the plugin. After activation you need to go Setting<Language for configure plugin.

  • You will need to add the default language, as well as select all other languages that users can choose on your site.
  • Switch to the ‘Strings Translations’ Here you need to translate site title, description, and then choose the date and time format.
  • Go to the Settings tab. This is where you can choose a default language for your site and other technical settings.

We recommend not changing the URL, so select the first option. Why? Because if you ever turn off this plugin, then all those links will be broken.

For any help about wordpress you can contact – WordPress Technical Helpline