Speed Up Site

WP SpeedUp is a great plugin to implement to install and forget about the page load speed issues. You can change settings from wp-admin or can leave it to default, you will feel significant difference in your website page load speed.

Why WordPress Site Speed Matters

You have very little time to show users your content and convince them to stay on your website. A slow website means users will potentially leave your website before it even loads.

If your site takes too long to load, most people are gone, lost before you even had a chance.

Not only that, but Google now includes site speed in it’s ranking algorithm. That means that your site’s speed effects SEO, so if your site is slow, you’re now losing visitors from impatience and reduced rankings in search engines.

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How to Speed Up WordPress Site

I guarantee that using even a few will help speed up your site.

  • Choose a good host
  • Start with a solid framework/theme
  • Use an effective caching plugin
  • Use a content delivery network
  • Optimize images (automatically)
  • Optimize your homepage to load quickly
  • Optimize your WordPress database
  • Disable hotlinking and leeching of your content
  • Add an expires header to static resources
  • Adjust Gravatar images
  • Add LazyLoad to your images
  • Control the amount of post revisions stored
  • Turn off pingbacks and trackbacks
  • Replace PHP with static HTML, when necessary
  • Use CloudFlare

How to Check Your WordPress Website Speed?

We recommend that you test your website speed using a tool like Pingdom. It is a free online tool that allows you to test your website’s speed from different locations.

I hope this will help you to speed up your wordpress site. If you want more detail and more help contact us WordPress Customer Support  Number