Woocommerce setup

If you want to transform a WordPress website into a beautiful, simple and powerful e-commerce store then use Woocommerce. The main purpose of Woocommerce is to sell products.  Now I will tell you how to install and use it.

Why WooCommerce?

There are a few facts about Woocommerce that will explain the difference between WooCommerce and other e-commerce solutions.

  1. It’s free.
  2. It’s an open source project.
  3. Hundreds of extensions.
  4. It’s easy to use.


Cart system work in Woocommerce

It works same like other e-commerce store. Just add to the cart, fill the form, send the order that’s all.

How to deal with orders?

To manage orders in WooCommerce you have a management page with a table providing information about each order individually.

Besides managing orders you can create reports. They can show you how many products you have sold and detail of products.

Payment and Cash Flow

In this you don’t have worry about payment gateway or anything associate with this.  All you have to do is install the payment gateway extension. There’s over 120 official payment gateway extensions on the market.

How to setup Woocommerce?

There are few simple step, just follow them you can easily setup Woocommerce in few minutes.

  1. Install WordPress
  2. Download and Install the Woocommerce plugin
  3. Setup general WooCommerce settings
  4. Fill in the content (Products, categories etc.)
  5. Test your store

I hope this article  help you to setup a Woocommerce, if you want more help go WordPress Technical Helpline Number